1. STEM Hands-on Experiments

Various science demos and experiments in chemistry, biology, physic, mathematic, IT etc would be conducted.

2. Hands-on Workshops

Session-based workshops in chemistry, biology, physic, mathematic, IT etc would be conducted.

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3. KLESF International Challenge 2018, Rero Annual Championship 2018 (rac’18), 3rd International Junior Chem-E Car Competition 2018, National Science & Engineering Innovation Challenge 2018 (PISTEK 2018), Pertandingan Akhir School Lab Peringkat Kebangsaan, Building an Offshore Oilfield Platform Using Sticks Competition

The competitions organized by various organisations would be held.

4. Industry STEM Exhibition

This component would focus on how STEM plays its role in various businesses and industries. Exhibits and activities should be scaled down to educate school children and the public on how STEM played its role in their output (products).

5. MCMC Pavilion & MyMaker Exhibition

Various exhibitions on telecommunication infrastructure, system & equipment, robotics, drone etc would be held by MCMC, telecommunication companies, makers etc.

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6. NGO, Government & Universities, STEM Exhibition

Universities, research institutions, government agencies as well as special interest groups would take part in this component.

7. Science of Magic

People use science to make many things possible including magic. The magicians would perform magic and illustrate how scientific principles are applied to enable many magic tricks.

8. Mathematics & Mental Literacy

The exhibitors would share on the importance of logic thinking and connecting Maths with imagination. The participants will have the opportunity to learn mental calculation in a fun and innovative way, including the genius way of calculation and recognizing the number patterns in our daily calculations.

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9. International Participation

Participation of schools from overseas in KLESF International Challenge contest in-conjunction with the KLESF: The Fair 2018 would be a good platform to introduce KLESF internationally.

Stage Schedule