MYSoroFes 2021

MYSoroFES is an online competition for SoroKids to compete with their Mental Calculation skills.

It is a great opportunity to increase the kids Mental Calculation ability and motivation in improving their skills to a higher level!

SoroTouch is the latest Abacus Method Mental Calculation EdTech developed by Digika Co. Ltd. It is an iPad app designed to help kids achieve the Mental Calculation ability.

SoroTouch Learning is a gamification approach which makes learning fun & enjoyable. Students will need to complete at least one ‘mission’ daily to achieve an advanced level of Mental Calculation in 2 years.

The students can learn SoroTouch at anytime, anywhere, it is very effective and efficient. SoroTouch suits very well for kids age 5-8.

Come and join us to experience the latest EdTech Classroom and unleash your kids Mental Calculation ability! 

This competition is not opened to public.
It requires the kids to at least advanced to the stage of J7.


  • To help kids building their Mental Calculation ability
  • Empower and create world class intelligence by the power of technology.
  • To promote the interest in Mathematics, foundation in STEM Education.


Primary school students , 5-8 years old 

Registration for Trial Class

Parents and students who are interested to learn Mental Calculation, kindly register yourself for a Trial Class.

Trial class registration link:
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Competition Organiser

AiTech House, SoroTouch Malaysia


Contact Us:

Contact number: +60 3-2935 9613

Image Gallery

Screenshot of SoroTouch interface. The main learning materials for SoroTouch are presented as daily “missions”.


Screenshot of our kids during SoroFes2021