KLESF Mentorship Programme (previously known as The School Engineering and Science Design Mentorship Programme) is one of the KLESF components. The purpose of this programme is to enhance school children’s interest in Science and Technology (S&T) and a career in S&T in the future. A pilot run was started in 2014. UTAR staff and students guided and mentored lower secondary students in selected schools in Perak and Klang Valley in science and engineering design projects for 3 – 6 months.Two tracks (Electronic System Track & Science Track) have been conducted for this programme which commenced in January 2014. The students’ projects were exhibited at the Kuala Lumpur Engineering Science Fair 2014 (KLESF 2014) held on 25 – 27 April 2014 at the National Science Centre, KL. Selected projects also participated in competitions at the Penang International Science Fair (PISF) in November 2014.
State Schools Participated
  • SMJK Pei Yuan
  • Pei Yuan High School
  • SMK Methodist (ACS)
  • Westlake International School
Kuala Lumpur & Selangor
  • SMK Taman Melati
  • Kuen Cheng High School
  • SMK Kepong
  In 2015, the KLESF Steering Committee expanded the mentorship programme to include parties interested and committed to promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education among school children. In this regard, the KLESF Steering Committee has set up the KLESF Mentor Development (KMD) Programme, an induction programme to introduce and guide interested parties to the school mentorship programme with the objective of starting such a programme. In 2016, this mentorship programme is expanded to more volunteers from universities. University volunteers will guide and mentor lower secondary students in selected schools in Perak and Klang Valley in STEM hands-on projects. The programme typically involves 2 – 4 mentors guiding a group of 20 students during each session of the programme. The students undergo 10 weeks of mentorship programme with weekly face-to-face sessions of 2 – 3 hours with the mentors. The first cycle of mentorship programme commenced in February 2016. The second cycle of mentorship programme is proposed to commence in June 2016. The students’ projects will ultimately be exhibited in the Kuala Lumpur Engineering Science Fair (KLESF): The Fair 2016 on 4 – 6 November 2016. School Participated in first cycle (February – April 2016):
  1. Kuen Cheng High School, KL
  2. SMK Cheras Perdana, Selangor
  3. SMJK Yu Hua Kajang, Selangor
  4. SMK Seri Kembangan, Selangor
  5. SMK Methodist ACS, Perak
  6. SMK Kampar, Perak