Data Analysis Workshop and Data Visualization Competition 2021


The data analysis workshop and data visualization competition provide a platform for all secondary school students to explore the process of data analysis and get familiar with data science. Students will be given a three-day workshop on Microsoft Excel and followed by a data visualization competition.

During the competition, a dataset will be provided to the students to perform data analysis and data visualization using the Microsoft Excel software within five days. Students are required to submit a data visualization report in Microsoft Excel format together with a short video to explain the findings.



  • To enable secondary school students to strengthen their data analysis skills using Microsoft Excel.
  • To cultivate secondary school students’ creativity in the process of data visualization.
  • To gather the students’ interest on data analysis and getting familiar with data science.

Participation fee: Free of charge (FOC) for participants.


(1) Data Analysis Workshop

This workshop will guide the participants on the data analysis and then present the data visualization report using the Microsoft Excel software.

Date: 18 – 20 October 2021 (Monday – Wednesday)

Time: 9.00am – 12.00pm

Platform: Microsoft Teams (Team code: 43ln3et)

(Link will be sent to participants at least 2 days before event)

Registration Link:

*Note: Individual registration for the workshop is allowed. 

Students have to attend this workshop to join the data visualization competition.

This workshop is open to students in Malaysia and overseas.

Trainers: Mr Chong Kah Meng (UTAR Lecturer), Mr Chew Chun Yong (UTAR Senior Lecturer)


(2) Data Visualization Competition 2021

Updated Note for participants:
The data provided in Microsoft Excel file may or may not be relevant, you are advised to understand data in different worksheets, and decide whether they should be included in visualization. Generally

  • You are not restricted to only one report/chart per worksheet (or, exactly one report/chart per worksheet).
  • If you observe some relationships between different worksheets/tables/data, you may want to present them in one single chart so that their relationship can be emphasized.
  • If you think that the data included is not relevant to your visualization objective(s), you may ignore the data.
  • If you need additional data, you may also use other external data, however, the source of data should be included in your report/slides/visualization.

– – – – – 

The Data Visualization Competition 2021 is jointly organised by Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), Department of Mathematical and Actuarial Sciences (DMAS), Centre for Curriculum Development and Innovative (CCDI) and Centre for Corporate and Community Development (CCCD).



A = Form 1 to Form 3

B = Form 4 to Form 5

A group with minimum 2 and maximum 4 members to join the competition.



This competition is open to ALL secondary and high school students (Form 1 to Form 5) in Malaysia. Participating student(s) must submit a data visualization report together with a short video (5 to 10 minutes) to showcase their creativity and innovative in performing the data analysis and then present the data visualization report using the Microsoft Excel software.


Important Dates:

Data analysis workshop:18 – 20 October 2021
(Monday – Wednesday, 9.00am – 12.00pm)
Due date for project submission:25 October 2021 (Monday, 5.30pm)
Judging period:26 – 29 October 2021 (Tuesday – Friday)
Notification of results:30 October 2021 (Saturday)
e-Award ceremony:31 October 2021 (Sunday)


Submission Link:

All submitted project report must be in Microsoft Excel format while the short video must be in MP4 format and to be received by 25 October 2021 @ 5.30pm via Google Form and Submission Link:







 Rules and Regulations:

1. All participants are required to attend the any session of the data analysis workshop on 18 – 20 October 2021.
2. A group of 2 – 4 members must be formed to enrol the data visualization competition.

3. The data visualization report must be submitted in Microsoft Excel file format.

4. The video must be submitted in MP4 format and the length of the short video is between 5 and 10 minutes; or between 300 and 600 seconds.
5. Only one data visualization report and one video per group submission.
6. All participants must be the original creator of the entry documenting your report and video. Each entry or submission must be a novel unpublished new report and video produced solely for this competition, not re-edited, plagiarized, borrowed, copied, or counterfeited video works used for other purposes.
7. Entries involving intellectual property rights disputes shall be the responsibility of the entrants themselves and have nothing to do with the organiser. Entries with infringement of copyright or other rights shall be disqualified.
8. Entries using copyrighted or published text, interviews, video record or third party works (such as YouTube video, photos, pictures, etc.), shall be authorised by the third-party with signed Consent for Authorised Use of Copyright and agree to the organisers and sublicense the use of the third person during the contest for the licensed content reproduce, edit, convert, distribute, publicly broadcast, public transport, public exhibition and other promotional activities of non-profit purpose use.
9. By participating, all participants, finalists and winners are deemed to have agreed to grant the organiser and the University the right to broadcast their works.
10. Once the project entry is shortlisted, it shall not be withdrawn for any reason. The finalists and winners shall be informed to attend the awards ceremony.
11. The organiser and the co-organisers have the rights to defend all judges’ collective decisions, and to use all entries received for the competition for promotional activities.


Data Visualization Competition 2021 Prize-Giving Ceremony on 31 October 2021:

The cash prizes for each category are as follows:

Group A (Form 1 to 3):

Champion:RM500 and e-Certificate of Award
1st Runner-up:RM200 and e-Certificate of Award
2nd Runner-up:RM100 and e-Certificate of Award

Group B (Form 4 to 5):

 Champion:RM500 and e-Certificate of Award
1st Runner-up:RM200 and e-Certificate of Award
2nd Runner-up:RM100 and e-Certificate of Award

All student participants of the qualifying entries will be awarded an e-Certificate of Participation.

Zoom meeting details for e-Award ceremony on 31st October 2021 will be sent to participants by email.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 843 3523 4105
Passcode: 170498