15 April UTAR STEM Outreach organises Soap Lab 2023 for SMJK Yu Hua students
18 March Heart Touching Moment 2.0 unites children and parents for another bonding experience
28 February KLESF collaborates with AIESEC to organise training workshop
20 February Tsun Jin High School visits Sungai Long Campus for Mathematics Workshop

10 February STEM Engagement Day at SMJK Yu Hua



18 December e-KLESF webinar gives insights into worldviews
17 December e-KLESF 2022 comes to the sixth day with seven STEM webinars
16 December Solving inventive problems with TRIZ at e-KLESF
15 December Powering up memory at e-KLESF 2022
14 December Pameran Kejuruteraan Sains Kuala Lumpur julung kali berlangsung di Cyberjaya
11 December e-KLESF 2022 continues to elevate STEM through webinars
10 December 隆工程科技与科学展 线上举办至18日
10 December e-KLESF 2022 promotes knowledge building on day two
9 December The Kuala Lumpur Engineering Science Fair (KLESF), 2022
9 December e-KLESF 2022 promotes STEM learning
26 September 陈薇萌:掌握好本科技能-航空科学家也要会沟通
26 September 陈薇萌:掌握好本科技能-航空科学家也要会沟通
25 September NASA scientist returns with second motivational talk at UTAR
15 July NASA Chair of Small Spacecraft Coordination Group gave a motivational talk at UTAR

10 June Launching of the Virtual MIND & STEM Festival 2022



23 October Virtual Science Fair (The Star, Starmetro, News, Page 3)
23 October e-KLESF 2021 makes a comeback with STEM-inspired activities
8 October 隆工程科技与科学展 23日起系列精彩活动
30 September Music and Technology

29 September 隆科学展10·23在线举行 分享交流有趣项目
29 September 2021年吉隆坡工程科技与科学展-10月23日至31日在线举行
17 September SoSE 2021 discusses ways to engage learning in STEM among students
5 September  Next frontier in renewable energy (The Star, Staredu, Opinion, P7)

5 September  Next frontier in renewable energy (thestar.com.my)
19 August  Robots and automation for future industries
1 August  The Rise of Robots & STEM Webinar (The Star Staredu News Feature P3)
7 July  Raising awareness on the downside of plastics
7 July  Webinar on the advantages of innovation
7 July  Mind mapping for effective learning and thinking
6 July  Making math fun and interesting for students
6 July  The science and magic of making ginger milk pudding
5 July  The art and science behind Origami
5 July  Cube puzzles enhance learning experience
4 July  Learning memorisation techniques for better memory
4 July  Improve learning through mind skill
4 July  Grandmaster of Memory shares ways to boost memory
4 July  Developing social, emotional and ethical literacy through SEE Learning
3 July  Effortless distraction management for better focus
3 July  Malaysian human calculator introduces new edtech to improve the numeracy skills of students
3 July  Mind & STEM Festival goes virtual for the first time
27 June  脑力与工程盛会下月3日起线上进行
26 June  脑力与工程盛会下月3日起线上进行
26 June  脑力与工程盛会下月3至7日线上进行
5 March  UTAR President talks about learning in the AI Era



7 December 拉曼大学2020年吉隆坡工程科技与科学展-12月12日至20日首度线上进行



1 November  Colourful Creativity with Great Mind






16 July Students taking up STEM subjects on decline last 10 years, The Star, Nation, (p14)



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